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Company welfare and productivity: legislation and practice – study conference on new developments for 2018 – Confindustria Padova, Padua

On 15th May 2018, Confindustria Padova, in Via E.P. Masini no. 2, hosts a workshop focusing on the importance of the topics covered by Circular n.5/E and the growing interest shown by companies in both company welfare and de-taxable performance-related bonuses.

Francesco delli Falconi speaks on the following: “The company welfare tax regime and its de-taxation in the framework of legislation on performance-related bonuses”; “The taxation and the reduction in contributions of the amounts linked to company productivity”; “Guidelines and clarifications provided by administrative practice”; “Prospects and opportunities for companies in the light of the current regulatory framework” and “Changes in the Stability Law for 2018 regarding company welfare”.