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Exclusion from VAT of the supply of services carried out free of charge by a taxable person for the use of his staff: a ‘sailor’s promise’ by the legislator? / Il Fisco 28/2024

In 'il fisco' No. 28 of 2024, Pierpaolo Maspes and Raffaele Corso observe that the relationship between the provisions governing the right to deduct VAT and the provisions providing for certain services without consideration to be subject to VAT could raise the doubt...

It’s the end of the voucher as we know it! / Il Fisco 24/2024

In ‘il fisco’ no. 24 of 2024, Pierpaolo Maspes and Raffaele Corso analyze the interpretation of the VAT discipline applicable to vouchers, introduced in the national legislation in 2019, in the light of the recent ruling of the European Court of Justice 18 April 2024,...

R&D tax credit: spontaneous repayment, certification and other remedies / May 27th, 2024

Lorenzo Trinchera takes part as a speaker on R&D tax credit (repayment, certification and other remedies) at the Conference organised by the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Naples. ODCEC Napoli - Convegno 27.05.2024

Taxation of IAS/IFRS entities / May 24th, 2024

On May 24th, 2024 Carlo Sanna takes part as a speaker to the webinar, organized by Paradigma, aimed at analyzing the main accounting and tax aspects related to the adoption of IAS/IFRS principles. Carlo Sanna, during the second day of webinar, will focus its analysis...

Reduction of the VAT taxable amount when a procedure governed by the Business Crisis and Insolvency Code is applicable / May 22th, 2024

We would like to share the publication of the research document of the National Foundation of Chartered Accountants (Fondazione Nazionale dei Commercialisti) on the “Reduction of the VAT taxable amount when a procedure governed by the Business Crisis and Insolvency...

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