Implementation of the ATAD directives/CFC rules in Italy and international comparison – Milan, September 24th, 2021

Alberto Trabucchi takes part as a speaker at the meeting on Implementation of the ATAD directive/CFC rules in Italy and international comparison, organized by IFA Italy in Milan on September 24th. Alberto Trabucchi deals with the new rules contained in the recent...
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Tax rules against mismatches deriving from hybrid financial instruments and hybrid transfers

Alberto Trabucchi and Carlo Sanna are among the authors of the new manual entitled “Hybrid mismatches” published by Wolters Kluwer-CEDAM (2021). In particular, the two authors edited the chapter “Hybrid financial instruments”, analysing main aspects related to hybrid...
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Strategic support of SCGT to Do It Now S.p.A.

SCGT supported Do It Now S.p.A. in the sale to the private equity investment holding VAM Investments Group S.p.A. of a 20% participation in the share capital of Supermoney S.p.A., the leading Italian online broker in the "Electricity and Gas" sector.
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Consultants discussing latest news: “No ignorance allowed in our field” /July 20th, 2021

Francesco delli Falconi attends as speaker the webinar “Consultants discussing latest news: “No ignorance allowed in our field"" organized by Hdemia delle Professioni. Main topics discussed during the day are: redudancy funds according to law decrees 73 and 99 of...
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Possible interpretative changes for the tax regime of dividend distributions from CFC

Alberto Trabucchi comments on the ITA’s new interpretative position on the tax regime of dividend distributions from the Controlled Foreign Companies introduced by the draft circular of July, 5 2021....
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The firm, founded in 2006, currently consists of more than 50 professionals who have gained significant experience in all areas of national and international tax law. The firm is organized into specialized teams that cooperate with each other in order to offer its clients complete, multidisciplinary service.

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We aim for excellence and our services are characterized by quality, innovation and attention to every detail in the search for the best technical solutions for the client.


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