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Taxation of IAS/IFRS entities / May 24th, 2023

On May 24th, 2023 Alberto Trabucchi takes part as a speaker to the webinar, organized by Paradigma, aimed at analyzing the main accounting and tax aspects related to the adoption of IAS/IFRS principles. Alberto Trabucchi focuses its analysis on the Regional Tax on...

Executive Course on Pillar II / June 16, 2023

Alberto Trabucchi takes a lecture in Executive Course on Pillar II, starting on May 19, 2023 and organized by the Department of Economics-Business and Economic Law of Bicocca University of Milan. The Executive Course is composed of 11 lessons which aim to deepen the...

Accounting and tax profiles of business combinations (Luiss) / Rome, April 19, 2023

Alberto Trabucchi takes a lecture on Business combination and International Financial Reporting Standards at Luiss University in Rome. Alberto Trabucchi addresses, in particular, tax profiles regarding business combinations involving third parties (IFRS 3) and...

Master’s Degree in accounting and corporate taxation – Bicocca / February 2023 17th

Alberto Trabucchi takes part as teacher at 2022/2023 edition of the new Master’s Degree in accounting and corporate taxation, II level’s Master, organized by Bicocca University in Milan. Now at its 4th edition, the one-academic-year Master aims at offering an highly...

Performance awards, welfare, compensation & benefits of the Companies /15 February 2023

Francesco delli Falconi participates, as a speaker, in the Conference "Performance awards, Welfare, compensation & benefits in the companies" organized by Paradigma S.p.A., which is held on 15 February 2023 in webinar mode. In his speech, Francesco delli Falconi...

SCGT is a firm of lawyers and tax advisors with offices in Rome, Turin and Milan, which offers highly qualified services in the field of tax advice and consultancy, focusing on the integration of practice and specialized journalistic activities with consulting in the search for more innovative, efficient and reliable technical solutions for its clients.

The firm, founded in 2006, currently consists of more than 50 professionals who have gained significant experience in all areas of national and international tax law. The firm is organized into specialized teams that cooperate with each other in order to offer its clients complete, multidisciplinary service.

The services provided to clients – consisting mainly of large and medium-sized businesses, including multinational companies – are characterized by quality, innovationflexibilitycustomization and attention to every detail.

The relationship with the client is based on trust, confidentiality and independence.


We aim for excellence and our services are characterized by quality, innovation and attention to every detail in the search for the best technical solutions for the client.


Our team is based on the skills of each individual, enhanced by synergic collaboration.


We have a consolidated network of foreign correspondents but we do not belong to any international network, allowing us to operate in total independence.