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The interesting technical insights organized by the Direct Tax Commission – Business Income IAS-adopter of the ODCEC of Rome resume.

Following his reconfirmation as Chairman of the aforementioned Commission, Alberto Trabucchi, in collaboration with Fabio Mastrangelo and the Direct Tax Commission – Business Income OIC-adopter as  well as all the colleagues of these Commissions, organized  a training event that investigates the new discipline of fiscal relevance  of the correction of accounting errors and which takes place in mixed mode (in  presence at the ODCEC headquarters in Piazzale delle Belle Arti 2 in Rome and video link) Thursday, November 3 p.v. from 9 am to 1:30 pm.

Several reports are planned.

Speakers: Ivan Vacca, Ubaldo Cacciamani, Alessandro Sura, Paolo Petrangeli, Pierpaolo Lipardi, Luca Miele, Francesco Bontempo, Valeria Russo, Marco Di Siena.