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Dr. Francesco delli Falconi attends the Conference “Waiting for 2020” as speaker today. The Conference, organized by “Hdemia delle Professioni”, is taking places at Centro Congressi Villa Parco dei Pini premises, in Piazza Marcellino Champagnat n.2. The topics discussed are the following: “new pension treatment starting from 2020”; “cut of labour cost and minimum wages”; “collective contracts more representative on a comparative scale”; Withholdings and compensations in procurements”; “the role of CEO: employee and manager”; “the new legal protection for riders”; “new rules regarding Italian impatriate tax regime and the car fringe benefit”.

Alongside dr. delli Falconi also Nevio Bianchi, Antonello Orlando, Paolo Pizzuti, Paolo Rossi and David Trotti are listed among the speakers.